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No Comments Only Wins-Girls -30 only


Pathetic little ass dick boy from Kingsville probably posted this. Pretty typical. Need tweezers and posting girls nudes to the internet to get that little dick up. Doxxing you soon honey


Well fuck… You do meet ups?? Asking for my self


What else is out there


Who’s in the pic


Bitch why you sending nudes to niggas you know Just wanna fuck?? Over here getting mad at somebody else for posting you*gly ass nudes gtfo. Stop acting like a whore if you don’t wanna be treated like one #Respectfully




Clu$ter Li nk anyone?


Nasty ass blown out titties, look like road kill.


Y’all got Kassidy Ruiz?


Someone has to have better stuff than this right 💀


Someone please post something else or delete this. I’m tired of seeing her 🤧


Any girls from Marshall's or girl they call debo


Where yall at lets gooo


File: 1617755277744-0.jpg (588.19 KB, 1786x3353, IMG_20210405_211908~2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1617755277744-1.jpg (1.8 MB, 3510x2304, IMG_20210405_211814~2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

File: 1617755277744-2.png (462.27 KB, 608x1111, Screenshot_20210406-181306….png) ImgOps Google



Youre gross af bro. That bitch is nasty af. We were all better off before you posted this damn whale of a human being. So thanks for ruining this thread boss man.


Better than nothing with y'all begging no posting ass bustas I stay busting nut and getting pics you got a gf post her if not take what's on here


File: 1617793915291.png (471.55 KB, 691x528, Screenshot_20210407-060803….png) ImgOps Google

Yvette ambriz


She’s good!!!


+1 (650) 461-0292


Bitch shut up with your old desperate ass. You probably got a baby momma that looks even nastier than the bitch you posted. If you can’t get wins from actual dimes, just say so bruh, and also just stop posting those big bitches. Only you and the rest of those old ass fucks from the Kingsville group want to see that shit,


Kid stop crying just stfu and let people post you post something if your such a pimp


Why in the fuck would I post dimes when all y’all are posting are those nasty ass fat bitches, shut the fuck up and go take care of your damn kids. Lord knows your fatass nasty looking baby momma don’t take care of em. Peace out bitch.


File: 1618009495589.png (201.08 KB, 572x416, Screenshot_20210409-175910….png) ImgOps Google

Reana Renee


This dude yoyo still posting nasty ass bitches . Fucking stop . Pimply fat pussy making me barf . Gtfo


Post more reanne renne brotha


I'll tell you one thing you piss-ass kid I've contr*uted to this site for the past 3 years a nice straight up say but when is a win I think I have the most wins to begin with you know p** ass getting mother f***


Give me your tia your mama maybe to some y'all's grandma I can pull them most of the women let me take pictures or videos yall still asking for favors


You sound like a rapist buddy


At least there is permission other people sneak around like snakes. If they're having a good time they're always okay with it I have a few who don't like


Any new emi obregon


>>14233 the fact that you’re proud that all you can pull are those fat ass nasty bitches tells me everything I need to know about your desperate ass.


Got a bunch of kville. Old arrival, annette cavazos, vanessa Espinoza, stephanie Lerma, Jannah Rae, and bunch more


Post those ones from your list

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